Sunday, December 25, 2011

Washington Post has Christmas Day op-ed on autism

Susan Senator, a writer in Massachusetts  (blog) and author of “The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide” has a Sunday Christmas Day piece “Tiger mother to an autistic son” online, called “When the autistic child grows up” in print, link here.

For those of us who did not or do not have children, I’m struck by the fact that any family could have a disabled child.  Even that observation gets lost when one goes to a typical upper middle class suburban protestant church, where it seems as though 90% of the high school kids are on honor rolls and in AP classes. 
It probably does not help that the medical establishment officially treats Asperger’s as part of autism (the practical issues are different).
It’s also noteworthy that some autistic kids overcome (as with the J-mac story on Larry King Live – book reviews March 18, 2008), and some even go to college (as with the case of a young woman depicted a few years ago on CNN’s forty-minute film  “Autism Is a World”). 
When I became a substitute teacher in 2004 (I would stop in 2007), I was stunned by how much of the school system’s resources were needed by special education. Every sub got these assignment whether profiled or not.

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