Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Man on DC Metro asks other passengers, as individuals rather than "corporations", to hire him

I didn’t have my camera with me to record the incident, but today on the Orange Line in Arlington, late morning, going into the City, a man, African American, walked on to the subway care and actually begged to be hired in a job.  Only after two or three minutes of talking about a job search did he beg for money for food. No one responded.

It’s a bit interesting to hear pleas to individuals to hire people, rather than to companies.  Yes, individuals have become much more “efficient” in creating and distributing content (including composed music) without having to hire people.  It raises some questions.

Last night, on CNN, candidate Ron Paul blamed the nation’s economic problems on the Federal Reserve, inflation, and the ability of government to get kids to fight wars being policeman of the world. 

Other GOP candidates, especially Mitt Romney, have been blamed for participating in “corporate raiding” leading to job loss.  But in many cases, jobs lost to raiders really are redundant and are being done inefficiently.

CNN is reporting on the fact that children of middle class parents are falling below middle class themselves.   In 1979, a family of four needed about $33000 to be middle class (I made $26000 but was single, a big difference.)   The video on "The New Poor" (a theme that was actually a book in 1974, an earlier recession) from CNN

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