Saturday, January 14, 2012

NBC4 holds Health Fair at Washington DC convention center

Saturday, Jan 14, I visited the 19th Health and Fitness Expo at the Washington DC Convention Center, sponsored by NBC4 (NBCWashington, Channel 4), link.

There were a lot of companies selling their services, to say the least.

I saw one blood drive, to benefit children, and the qualification signs did not mention the exclusion of MSM. 

There was also a station to sign up for marrow donation.

There were “soccer” and tennis courts set up for kids.  There was a one mile jogging track (eight laps).

There was a walk-through of the inside of a human leg, with diagrams of bone and joint structures, but there was no mention of deterioration in circulation with age because of atherosclerosis.

There were plenty of testing stations and people walked around with elbow bandages.

There was a fitness contest. 

But the most interesting station was a panel discussion of getting kids not to use cell phones while driving, and another simulation of DUI, both sponsored by ATT.

Also, I didn't see it, but there is an Alzheimer's booth.  Alzheimer's is now the sixth leading cause of death in the United States (link), the biggest caregiving challenge the country faces. See  Booth 1039.

Note: NBC4's link says 2012 (19th Annual event), but the url still has "2011" in it.    

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