Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Occupy Congress" takes over the Capitol West Lawn

This afternoon, I visited the Occupy Congress demonstrations on the West Lawn of the Capitol.  The weather was breezy and mild, as a warm front had moved through. 

Although police were present anywhere, I did not witness anything disorderly. Media however has reported arrests earlier today. 

At one point, a leader of the demonstrations had the participants chanting their instructions, but I had a hard time understanding exactly what he was saying. It sounded as though they were having difficulty getting admitted into the buildings, and that their proposals were not very specific. The demonstrators tended to sound like obedient robots. 

 I saw plenty of “flags”, and variations of the mask worn in the movie “V for Vendetta”, a symbol for th hacker group Anonymous.

One sign read “words are never only words…”

Another sign complained that the “Dems sold us out.”

Still another demonstrator bore a sign reading “defeat Bush”.  Wrong election!

To leave the grounds and get to the Capitol South Metro, I “marched” in the crowd to get across Independence Ave.  I almost collided physically with a Park policeman.

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