Monday, January 30, 2012

Occupy DC: no confrontation with Park Police yet, and some people comply; protesters fear action at night; UPDATE: Park raided early Sat. AM

Today, I arrived “late” (because of Metro problems) to witness a possible confrontation between Occupy DC and Park Police at McPherson Square, but found nothing going on. The protesters had draped a large "Tent of Dreams" around the central statue (of Gen. McPherson), underneath which were some other little tents, making a kind of synecdoche.  A few tents did have the “illegal” sleeping bags. 

I spoke to one young man, who said he knew someone sleeping there and who feared the police would come back at night, after the media stations and particularly the bloggers with cameras were gone.  The police don’t seem to want videos of their actions to go viral.

One young woman had a laptop and sound equipment to play music. 

Other media report that cooking facilities have been removed. Occupants would have to depend on volunteers to bring them food and put them up.

I also walked down to Freedom Plaza, and it seemed more people were still “living there”.

I liked the “Gandhi’s list of sins”, including “wealth without work” and “knowledge without character”, and a couple others, “science without humanity” and “worship without sacrifice”, the later reminding me of the Israelites while Moses was on the mountain.

There was some bad grammar (“Who’s tent?!” should be “whose tent?!”; the symbol  “?!” means “dubious move” in chess annotations).

It sounds like things got ugly in Oakland, CA.  There is plenty of indignation. 
I even saw a new word coined, "volunteeritory".
A federal judged ruled Jan. 31 that protesters have an opportunity to appeal evictions, WJLA story here.  On Wednesday Park Police were checking tents to make sure no one was sleeping in them.

Update: Saturday, Feb. 4

US Park Police raided the McPherson Square Occupy encampment before dawn Saturday and removed hardware associated with sleeping and cooking.  Many streets around the encampment are closed or barricade. A few people were arrested.  Station WJLA has this story. According to NBC Washington, the "tent of dreams" tarp has been removed, story

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