Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Salvation Army, Good Will donation procedures are quick

I do have a number of warm overcoats from an estate, and today found that giving them away through the Salvation Army was a quick process, at least near Alexandria, VA.  You drive through and around the donation site, and clerks empty the car quickly and give you a receipt quickly. No time, no red tape.

The donation center was closed Martin Luther King Day, Monday, however. This was a surprise on a “National Day of Service”.

Good Will had picked up some unwanted furniture.  But it would not pick up a group of coats counted one at a time, because it required 8 bags of items tightly packed.  And an animal welfare charity picked up an old car that had trouble running.

I’m still not much for joining other people’s “agendas” or “asking for money” for them.  I look at these matters pragmatically, one situation at a time.  Where can I do the most good?  Maybe in the area of Internet reputation. 

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