Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Second zoning case in northern VA goes after another military family's tree-house

There’s another “treehouse-gate” fiasco in Fairfax County, VA, this time in Springfield, as the county has moved against Airman Philip Blevins after spending two years building a tree-house before deployment. The county moved while he was deployed.

The NBC Washington story by Jane Watrel is here

Blevins has gotten a court summons saying the tree-house has to be moved farther from the property or removed in 21 days. The zoning rule relates height to distance from property line. Blevins said he checked with the county before building the tree house, and found no objection. The height issue may have been overlooked.  Apparently there was an anonymous "complaint". 

In another case, an Iraq war veteran got the county to relent on a property near Falls Church. See Nov. 30, 2011.

WUSA (CBS affiliate) has this story:

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