Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The "sin" of overlooking local special elections

Is all politics local?  I felt “guilty” yesterday when I checked my messages on my main land line, not used much, and found messages from three local Arlington County VA politicians about an “election” Saturday Jan 21. 

I finally tracked down that it was “only” a Democratic Party “caucus” for a County Board special election Tuesday, March 27; and it was hard to find much about it online. Finally I did locate it on the local Sun, (website url) here

I checked the messages after a brief land-line outage that, as I wrote yesterday, may have been related to the solar storm (the land-line is connected to the cable for digital phone service).

When I get a landline call, I hang up if it is a politician’ recording. I just don’t have time for a two minute speech.  And politicians are exempt from “do not call”. 

Yet, it’s important to pay attention to local events.  Local boards can pass zoning rules, which (as I have documented here right around the end of 2007) can become controversial or onerous to some people’s plans.  No, we haven’t had any treehouses cited in Arlington (and there are some). 

It’s odd that the caucus was so poorly advertised.  I never saw it on social media or email.  The only way I would hear about it was to listen to a recorded land-line call.  

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