Saturday, February 04, 2012

Blade article criticizes frivolous litigation in the US

David Kaminow has a valuable article from The Washington Blade (Feb. 3), but of very general interest, “Protecting your assets fro lawsuits”, link here

The writer notes the tendency in the US to allow frivolous litigation, which small fry don’t have the deep pocket so defend themselves against.  That’s one of the issues with SOPA and Protect-IP, as that these laws would encourage it.

Frivolous litigation could be a particular problem for bloggers, as I have noted covering Righthaven on my main blog. 

To his credit, GOP governor Rick Perry of Texas (whatever his other shortcomings) has supported tort reform in Texas.

John Stossel, a libertarian oriented journalist, has encouraged advancing a “loser pays” system in more situations in the United States, as in Europe.

In the mean time, for some people, formation of trusts and LLC’s may help them protect assets that “they don’t own”. 

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