Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Washington DC Auto Show: Ford (no bailout) winds hands down with electric vehicles

The Washington DC auto show was fairly quiet this weekday afternoon. You walk a long distance after buying the ticket, and then have to figure out that the other level is way upstairs, at the Convention Center at Mt. Vernon Place.

Ford, which did not need a bailout in 2009, by far had the best exhibit, on the back of the second level. It displayed both hybrid and all electric vehicles with considerable documentation on the electric batteries, which it says now last six times as long as before.  The Focus is now available as a hybrid.

Ford also had a vehicle with unusual opening, lifting of the entire cab for taller passengers. 

Chrysler had a “working engine” on display.

In the lower level, there were mostly foreign cars, often high end and even race cars.  There was even a test drive track.

Toyota claims to have the best mileage in the business. It's just a claim.

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