Thursday, August 16, 2012

Illegal immigrants brought here by parents can get two year deferral: massive lines to apply

The media is reporting huge crowds at various locations around the country, as adult children of illegal immigrants brought here illegally apply for deferral of possible deportation, allowing them to work here and go to school.

The New York Times has a typical story of the crowds at the Navy Pier on Lake Michigan in Chicago, story by Julia Preston, here

In the Washington DC area, people lined up in the Prince Georges county suburb of Langley Park, MD.
In Arizona, governor Jan Brewer said that the individuals involved could not receive public benefits.

Fairness is indeed a difficult problem here, as the people had no choice about being brought here, and for some the best way (if possible) is legal marriage to a US citizen. 

There are some conservative sites that report that employment opportunities for poorer people are improving in Mexico (despite the cartels) and that the Obama administration would prefer to see Mexican improvement relative to US jobs as a way to reduce illegal immigration. Here’s a typical claim, link

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