Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Road games": you need relief pitchers against aggressive drivers

Having taken some recent extended auto trips, I must note that I’ve never seen so much aggressive driving as recently.  I guess I've had plenty of practice with defensive driving skills. 

Last night, as entered the Delaware Memorial Bridge from the north (New Jersey), and saw orange cones blocking the left lane (with notice), two cars cut in right before me “just in time”.  The second car could easily have hit the cones. 

The New Jersey Turnpike right now has over 40 consecutive miles of road work with mostly no shoulders, much of it south of Princeton where more right-of-way for a cars-only track has been cleared. 

Recently, in Michigan a truck ran me off the road completely.

And generally, I see at least one red light being run every other day when on “the road.” (as in a movie by that name). 

And cyclists ride without helmets and go the wrong way, being impossible for drivers to see when pulling into traffic.  

I'll add that I drove by an apartment complex that I had lived in, near Bound Brook, NJ, back in the 1970s, just before moving into "The City".  It looked like it had been flooded during Irene or Lee.  I've escaped from some places I have lived in time (an apartment complex in Dallas had a fire after I had moved out). I couldn't find any place to stop for a photo, but I did find a park near the rogue river later.

On the way back, I drove through a heavy thunderstorm that seemed to stop at the Harbor Tunnel, and didn't resume on the other side.  I wondered if the tunnel could ever flood. 

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