Thursday, August 23, 2012

Solar-power entrepreneur could be put out of business by "protectionism" favoring larger solar companies

Thursday night, Anderson Cooper presented the problems of a small company, “Sunrise Solar”, owned by Bill Keith, which may go out of business because it cannot get a particular critical manufacturing part from anywhere but China, and must pay a huge tariff to import it.

The company, located in Indiana, manufactures solar-powered attic fans.

Sunrise Solar has its site here

Keith seems to be the unintended victim of “protectionist” policies from the Obama administration (Commerce Department and Customs) that were favored by larger solar energy companies (like Solyndra).

The AC360 detailed story and video are here

 Pictures:  Solar panel at rest stop on I-94 in Michigan; Indiana University

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Unknown said...

i think strict laws should be enacted to promote use of solar power in house hold and especially commercial institutions. inspite of falling gas prices that are tough competitors of pv panel industry, people must realize that gas may not always be so cheap but solar energy will always be free so think long term guys.