Friday, July 26, 2013

Cumberland Landing in Tidewater Virginia seems to be a forgotten historical landmark concerning slavery and civil rights

Lately, I’ve been trying to visit some of the important sites in the history of the Civil Rights movement.
One rather obscure site would be the old Foller House in New Kent County, Virginia, which was apparently close to the York River on some farmland not far from today’s Route 637, which runs off Route 249, about 15 miles east of Bottoms Bridge on I-64 (on the way to Williamsburg from Richmond).
A Library of Congress site with many of the old photos is here
The site is mentioned in the display at the America History Museum, a section for the new National Museum of African-America History which is supposed to be open in full in early 2015.
Another site showing the famous photo of the slaves is here. It was taken in 1862 during the “Peninsular Campaign”.
Apparently these were “contraband slaves” behind Union lines, a real problem for landowners then (link ).

The house does not seem to exist today.  There is a Baptist church, some homes, farmland, and a private hospital for children.  The site of the home may be near the “caboose” on hospital property. 
It would sound as if private interests would want to reconstruct the house and operate it as an attraction. 

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