Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Libertarian" gun activist may have been asking for it, but implications of Park Police raid are disturbiing

Well, if you flagrantly break the law and brag about it on YouTube, police may indeed show up at your home and break down the door. And it can be special police, like US Park Police (as in this case), or Metro Transit, or DOD. 
“Libertarian” Second Amendment activist Adam Kokesh found that out when Park Police raided his home in Herndon, VA after he toted a shotgun at Freedom Plaza, in violation of District of Columbia law. (I’m not sure if it’s more than the usual “brandishing a weapon” which is also illegal in Virginia, and frequently appears on weekly Arlington County police reports.) 
The latest Washington Post story, by Justin Jouvenal and Trishula Patel, is here.  

Kokesh as not charged until after the raid, but now faces charges of possession of halluconigenic mushrooms while possessing a firearm. (Was this federal law?) 

I wondered, if a poisonous mushroom grows wild in my yard and I don’t see it, and own a gun, could I be arrested?  What if a bird plants a wild cannibas plant?  There’s plenty of wild grape, but I have no idea what else. 
There have been cases of people being arrested and prosecuted for pot growing on their property when they didn’t know about it, or said they didn’t. 

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