Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GOP hardliners persist in threatening government shutdown over Obamacare funding, while other dangerous fights loom

Hardliners are still trying to mount a scene to defund Obamacare, according to a Politico report about Heritage Action, which held  a kickoff party this week in Fayatteville, AR, story here. Bills to defund Obamacare will be introduced in September, trying to force a government shutdown.
But mainstream Republicans seem less inclined to go along, as they face the real possibility that real constituents who have trouble getting health care with the older pre-ACA word.  On the other hand, a few companies seem to be forcing more people to go part time to avoid eventual mandatory health are benefits (in 2015). 

The possibility of a Congressional Sandy-like “superstorm” this fall exists, though, as concerns over health care merge with battles over the debt ceiling, social security, and even Internet censorship.   In July, while journalists were sleeping, a group of state attorneys general circulated a proposal to Congress removing Section 230 downstream liability protections for Internet service providers with respect to enforcing state criminal laws.  

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