Tuesday, August 27, 2013

National Geographic warns on melting ice caps, but US carbon emissions down -- because of fracking!

The September 2013 issue of National Geographic has a special report “Rising Seas: How They Are Changing Our Coastlines”. 

There is a pullout map of the World showing each continent as it would look if all the seas melted.
There is also a photograph of New York City, and especially Manhattan just after the lights went out below 34th St. in Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy, and there are harrowing accounts from residents of the Rockaways.

There is a photograph of Maale in the Maldives. 

The article, by Tim Folger, with photographs by George Steinmetz, predicts that sea levels will rise by at least three feet by 2100.

In the meantime, the latest media reports say that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased by 20% since 1900.

But carbon dioxide emissions in the US had dropped to a 20 year low by early 2012, which Slate credits to fracking, link

It seems foolish for Congress to be threatening shut downs and defaults due to debt ceiling when there are issues like this, and especially when you consider the health of infrastructure and the power grid.

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