Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Obamacare: A tale of three states, with a touch of Dickens, sometimes (Pip would have been covered)

USA Today, on p. A5, has a detailed study of three people who approach the opportunities offered with “Obamacare”.  Julie Schmit discusses the issues with the Covered California exchange, in getting young healthy people to take the insurance, which is still a little bit more expensive than the financial penalty or “tax”.   Young adults, however, should consider the dangers that still can occur:  accidents (especially those cause by other people), or unusual cancers (testicular in men, for example).  The “Days of our Lives” soap opera on NBC is about to confront us with the character  Chad having a brain tumor at about age 25. But it is true, as a group, healthy young adults will pay for more care than they consume.  But the tables should turn as they get older, as everyone will. Follow the link here
Texas has opted not to set up its own exchange, as a kind of protest.  Texas will have to use the federal exchanges and block grants.  But as a result, middle income workers will probably pay higher premiums, even in group plans. Rick Jervis reports.
West Virginia is one of the most “generous” states, allowing people who don’t qualify for Medicaid to buy insurance on a sliding scale.  The report (Greg Toppo) discusses a young female waitress with diabetes.
Politicians and pundits who resist health care reform still must deal with the question, who will cover the truly “unlucky”?  Friends and family?  The conservatives seem to want to see sacrifice happen.  Life is never supposed to be fair, they say.  Even Donald Trump says that, but then turns around and says our health insurance system was a disgrace; we can afford to care for our sick. 

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