Thursday, September 12, 2013

Colorado, Miissouri take gun debate to absurdity; What will Piers Morgan say?

Piers Morgan will have a lot of fun with the latest outcries in the Second Amendment “debate”.
In Colorado, voters recall two state senators who sponsored strict background check laws in the aftermath of Aurora and, years previously, Columbine.  The recall succeeds despite a $300,000 contribution from out-of-stater Michael Bloomberg to defeat it.  (The Yankees don’t play the Rockies often, but the Mets do.) 
What’s the reasoning?  Background checks means giving out PII, and the NSA will have our personal data if we buy gun?  Yes, somebody actually said that on camera.  I recall, when I worked for Census, we couldn’t give out PII even to police or FBI or any other agencies at all!
It does sound like secessionist, doomsday prepper mentality.
The Fox News story by Joseph Weber is here

Missouri tries to make it a crime to enforce federal gun laws within the state. (Secession?  I thought only Texas could do that, just as Texas can split into smaller states.)    But the (GOP) measure to override a Democratic governor’s veto  fails in the state senate by one vote, as reported by Fox here
At least, the idea of prohibiting the publication of names or addresses of gun owners is a good one (remember the situation in update New York). Maybe that will be submitted separately and pass.
Here’s Breitbart’s story where Piers Morgan says he doesn’t want all of America’s women armed with guns, link
Picture:  Front Range behind Denver, Wikipedia link  Note how the mountains take on a bluish look.  I first saw it in December 1966 when traveling with other grad students.  Haven’t been there since 1994; it’s about time, isn’t it.  Terrible floods in the area today. 

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