Thursday, September 05, 2013

Libertarian Party of Virginia gets the roadside and yard signs out quickly for 2013 elections

In north Arlington VA, I see some Libertarian Party candidates for Virginia House of Delegates (Laura Delhomme) and Governor (Robert Sarvis) for the state election this fall.

That probably needs that the county needs poll workers election day (and used them for a primary), although the turnout is probably pretty low.  I’ve done that three times, but you have to be at work by 5 AM and stay until around 9:30 PM for very low pay.  Retirees tend to do it.  There’s been talk that this is a basic obligation like jury duty.

I went to a Libertarian Party of Virginia (link) convention in Richmond in June 1995.  At the time, gun rights was on everyone’s mind.  I also went to another all day event luncheon with Harry Browne in Manassas in May 1996, when the mantra was “repeal the income tax and replace it with nothing” and the guest speaker was Irwin Schiff, author of “The Federal Mafia”. 

I see that the Libertarian Party of Minnesota (link) is quite active. LPMN used to have conventions every April, often held at Mystic Lake, a casino south of Minneapolis off highway 169.   When I landed in Minneapolis with a corporate transfer in 1997, I became active with the group quickly, which helped promote my DADT book.  I gave talks at Hamline University (with students taking notes) in February 1998 (while on crutches from my convenience store accident), the University of Minnesota (1999), and twice at the Dakota Unitarian Church (1998, small group, and 2002, full service), and a very small turnout at Moorhead State in a snowstorm in November 2000.  The Hamline speech was broadcast on a Minneapolis cable channel (the “Liberty” program), and I have a DVD of it.  I should get the whole thing uploaded to YouTube.   Go to this link and search in the browser for “Hamline” and there is a series of brief excerpts that play in Quicktime or Windows Media Player.  Note especially videos 32-34.  I actually briefly considered being LPMN's candidate for US Senate in 2000.  Jesse Ventura was elected independent governor of Minnesota in 1998, and later became associated with the Reform Party, but was known for libertarian views; today he tends to talk a lot about conspiracy theories.  

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