Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Re-homing": An underground process where adoptive parents outplace difficult foreign children

NBC News, in a report called “The Lost Children”, described a process called “re-homing”.  Parents who have adopted foreign children with disabilities and have great difficulties turn to the Internet to find new homes.  The children are offered to “strangers”.  Typically the parents don’t turn to authorities because the fear they will be deemed “unfit parents” for future adoptions.
Kate Snow reported.  The parents turn over “temporary custody”.  One teenage girl was taken from adoptive parents in Texas to a "new family" in Illinois and found she had to sleep in the same bed as the “mother”.

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The "re-homing" practice could cause foreign countries to not want to allow American adoptions (as with Russia). 

Generally, children cannot be “unadopted”.   

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