Saturday, September 21, 2013

US Air Force almost nuked North Carolina in 1961, right after Kennedy's inauguration

The Guardian is reporting on a declassified document showing that the US Air Force nearly caused a nuclear disaster with an accident with a bomber flying over Goldsboro, NC on January 23, 1961, three days after President Kennedy’s inauguration.  (“Ask not…”)

Two hydrogen bombs fell to earth, and the circuitry on one of them nearly led to its going off.  Besides total destruction in the area, radioactive fallout would have been serious all over the East Coast.
CNN reported the story Saturday afternoon.  The Guardian link is (web url) here

I wonder what my own life, given my temperament, would have been like.  My personal fiasco at the College of William and Mary would follow the next fall.  I would be a “patient” at NIH during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, when it seems a sole Russian submarine commander prevented Armageddon.  I would not have been fit to survive such a world.  Is that a personal moral question?  "Duck and cover" wont't cut it. 

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