Saturday, October 19, 2013

Arlington CROP Walk gets people working together to raise money to end hunger; is this more just about social capital?

As we get back away from finance to the problems of “real life”, I did a little “Adventuring Hike” this morning in Arlington VA with the CROP Hunger Walk, which kicked off from the Arlington Forest United Methodist Church at 9 AM, link here

The same church, which has a belfry tower right out of “Vertigo”, also plays host to the Arlington Chess Club, on Friday nights, link.  It also has a people-sized model railroad outdoors on the property (last picture below).  

Chess is the ultimate individual sport, with considerable metaphor to political fights like what we just saw. 

So I was quite struck by the groupiness of the Walk.  I simply made my donation in cash, which was put in an envelope which I filled out.  But other envelopes were for teams, some with 20-30 names on them having raised hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 


It’s a personality thing, and it’s also a personal strategy thing. I don’t like to recruit people for causes and wear other people’s uniforms.  And I don’t like to be recruited.  But I can see the importance of the “social capital” issue.  

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