Monday, October 21, 2013

Libertarian quizzed on pre-existing conditions problem in health care market, doesn't have convincing answer

A panel discussion on AC360 tonight on CNN (the "later" show at 10 PM) presented "Freedom Works" head Matt Kibbe (who often emails me begging for support) challenged by Andrew Sullivan, Charles Blow, and Gloria Borger, as well as Anderson himself. 

Everyone kept asking Kinne if he believed that people with pre-existing conditions should be able to get individual health insurance/  Kibbe said yes, that he had one himself.  But the only suggestion he made to fix the pre-existing problem in an anti-selection environment was to give individuals the same tax break to pay premiums with pre-tax dollars that employers get.  He said that was a simple fix.  But it's obvious that this would not stop the pre-existing conditions problem.  

The other panelists accepted the general idea that society should provide a public safety net for people with medical disadvantages.  There was no mention of "behavior".  

Kibbr also noted that the government was forcing people to buy mandatory insurance when "Obama's Website" was still struggling and clumsy to use.  A private company could never get away with this.   True. 

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