Friday, October 18, 2013

"Real world" infrastructure issues come back; ABC reports that a teen in Florida asks to be adopted, at a church service

Finally, we can get off talking about default and the budget.  It’s a good time to remember that our way of life faces other existential threats, like WMD domestic terror and cyberattacks.  In fact, I have very mixed feelings about the Snowden-NSA-Wikileaks issue, even as I support the ACLU and went to a reception about it last weekend (main blog, Oc. 13).  We just can’t afford to miss anything.

There’s another issue that keeps coming back, social capital.  Yes, Rick Santorum preaches about it, but so do libertarians like Charles Murray, and social scientists like O.S. Guinness and Edward O. Wilson.  When it’s weaker, a whole civilization is more vulnerable to enemies or to collapse from natural pressures.

Steve Osunsami and Christiana Ng of ABC Good Morning America report on a 15-year-old African-American boy, who stood up before a congregation in the Tampa, FL area and asked of the congregation for someone to “adopt me”.  The story did not report that an adoption had happened, but apparently hundreds of families, mostly in Florida,  have responded. The story was also carried on World News Tonight by Diane Sawyer, link here. 

Are we headed toward a day when sharing raising the next generation, whether having children or not, will be viewed (again) as a moral responsibility of everyone?  The idea would compel everyone to have a personal stake in those who follow one in future generations, and put a new spin on sustainability issues like climate change. 

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