Monday, November 04, 2013

Childless increases in the US among women (Pew study)

WJLA (ABC affiliate in Washington DC) reported tonight that more women are “choosing” not to have children.  About 20% of U.S. women reach age 40 without having children now, compared to 10% in the 1970s.  Many postponed having children while pursuing careers.  And some families really seem deterred by the enormous financial costs.  The report was based on Pew studies, and the story  (Jummy Olibanji) link is here
The report does not show that the US will lose working-age population because it has considerable immigration.
The link for the Pew story by Gretchen Livington and D’Vera Cohn is here.  Some groups of highly educated women are having more children, however.
Women who do not have children may have more risk of breast cancer. 

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