Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clinton urges Democrats to change Obamacare to let all people keep legacy plans; debate on "no frills" plans continues

The debate on whether people who find their individual health insurance policies not renewable had “useless” policies continues. 
Patrick Duvall, governor of Massachusetts (where RomneyCare started) said that most of the canceled policies were pretty worthless.  But “real people”, who speak up (maybe out of proportion to real numbers) say these are high deductible, no frills plans that meet their real needs – keep them out of bankruptcy.   Sean Hackbarth weighs in on this duplicity on “Free Enterprise” here
So, if you like it, sometimes you can’t keep it, and sometimes you really liked it.
When I was growing up, my parents had individual policies, but they were high deductible,  In those days, office visits to the doctor cost $5, and many everyday items of medical care were easily affordable.  No longer. 

And former president Bill Clinton has been saying that the law should change to let people who like their plans keep them.  Obama should give in on this, he said today, with Los Angeles Times link here

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