Friday, November 29, 2013

Latest issue of Time gives more details on how Obamacare is stalling

The Nov. 29 issue of Time Magazine has a big article on Obamacare, with a lead story by Kate Pickert, “Is your plan in play?” I couldn’t find the specific article online yet (even with the paywall), but it’s worth seeing in print, on p. 30. 

Smaller employers really are getting squeezed, as are some individuals. Particularly hurt are some individuals who had managed to get bare-bone plans while working part time, or often slipping below 30 hours a week.  Many such plans are being dropped.
Obamacare is supposed to spread the risk of health care to everyone, but Pickert reports that larger employers are likely to get even stricter on employee wellness, which would suggest that people with poor “numbers” (like BMI, glucose or blood pressure) can still be charged more, which defeats the idea of the ACA.

Is it unfair for a single male to have to subsidize the maternity coverage of others?  Is it fair for others to subsidize treatment for a serious STD (like HIV)?  We saw that question in the 80s.  Is it fair for us all to “subsidize” contraception, mental health overage, or even drug and alcohol treatment?
In previous decades, single people with stable large employers had it pretty good.  They didn’t pay much out of pocket on premiums or treatment, regardless of “fairness”. 

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