Friday, November 01, 2013

Microgrids can make communities much more resilient to disasters

According to a story in USA Today Friday, November 1, 2013 on p 2B, Money, “microgrids” are becoming a major resource to provide some resilience to electric power blackouts, link here
Microgrids can include local facilities that generate and store power in a renewable manner, including wind and solar.  In a sense, a home with a full backup generator, powered by natural gas, is a microgrid.  It would be possible for developers to build them into new home communities. 
Another aspect of the microgrid is the ability to sell power back to the grid.
Would the development of local microgrids protect community security?  From many kinds of threats, yes.  It would seem that a local generator, powered by gas, would not be affected by a big solar storm. Local microgrids could get power to homes and apartments up very quickly after severe thunderstorms or hurricanes or tornadoes.  Protection from EMP might be more difficult or problematic. Earthquakes could pose the problem of breakage of gas lines.

Still, microgrids could provide a rebittal to “doomsday prepper” kind of thinking.  

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