Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ted Cruz calls Obamacare a kind of "Robin Hood"

Saturday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewed Texas Senator Tea Party and challenged Cruz to answer the question, if we started over on healthcare, what is supposed to happen to the currently uninsured, who cannot get reasonable health insurance because of pre-existing conditions, and wind up with unpayable medical bills (especially emergency rooms) that everyone else pays anyway (unless they are on Medicaid, which doesn’t always work). 
Cruz fired back and said, many people who did have individual health insurance have lost it.  So he says that Obamacare plays Robin Hood, taking something away from one person to give it by force to another.
It’s debatable how many people have really lost existing coverage and will have to pay much more under the new system. In states with their own exchanges, the experience is better, but even in these states, there have been some problems, as with a report on a woman in Washington State Nov. 19. 
Another question is, why did RomneyCare, started in Massachusetts under a Republican governor, work reasonably well, when it isn’t working nationally?

Imagine if the Obamacare idea carried over into other areas.  Suppose every blogger had to carry liability insurance if he blogged in the open, just because cyberbullying has happened to some people.  

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