Thursday, December 05, 2013

Fast food workers working on government property as contractors make a good point in demonstrations

Fast food workers are walking off the job around the country today, and the one-day strikes particularly aim at federal installations, where organizers say that the federal government is lax on contractors and that many employees of contractors wind up on public assistance, especially Medicaid and food stamps, making this a lose-lose policy even for the consuming public and taxpayer.

People have the impression that fast-food work is mostly teens and high school students, where wages don’t matter.  In many locations and smaller towns across the country, that obviously isn’t true.
It’s interesting to me to notice McDonalds tearing down and rebuilding old stores for little apparent reason while there are wage controversies. 

It’s hard to imagine who would want to own one of these franchises. 

Wages at the new Wal-Marts in Washington DC remain controversial, as politicians say that higher super-minimum wage laws in the District and Maryland will drive business to Virginia, which is much less likely to cooperate politically because of its “red state” politics away from the DC suburbs, Richmond and Tidewater cities.  

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