Friday, December 13, 2013

Freelance artists in New York finding their own guild health coverage being cancelled to force them as "healthies" into the individual Obamacare market

Artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and the like, who have been getting health insurance from their own voluntary associations built with the freelance market, are finding that their policies are getting cancelled, and that the individual market coverage available to them will be much more expensive, offer fewer doctors, and require more copays. 
But the reason for the cancellations or declinations is not directly that the old policies failed to meet the legal requirements of Obamacare. It’s more about the idea that under the Affordable Care Act, these “freelancers” are all individuals, responsible for their own insurance, so they are forced to “play” into the market, often as the “healthy young adults” needed to provide premium support for the sick.  So they are limited now in their ability to organize to pay for their own insurance.  Of course, you can argue they are paying for their own future care a few decades hence. Or they’re paying for that horrific bicycle accident or unusual cancer.
Anemona Hartocollis has the New York Times story today here. The Kaiser Family Foundation is also covering the problem here
Many of the artists tended to be politically liberal and support Obama and the initiative for his Affordable Care Act.
I do wonder how about his affects guilds in Hollywood like SAG and WGA, even though the news story focused on New York State, which has so far declined to allow the associations to continue offering the older policies during Obama’s new grandfathered grace period.

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