Friday, December 27, 2013

Health exchanges hire college students to troll bars to sell health insurance to "invincibles"

State exchanges are hiring college and graduate students to try to sell health insurance to the “young and healthy” to support the whole mandatory coverage idea in Obamacare.  And employees are expected to troll bars and restaurants late at night, sometimes in less safe parts of many cities, to try to get young adults to sign up.  Often, the employees sign the people up as they have more dedicated technical connections to the somewhat unreliable servers.  The story about selling to “young invincibles” by Ariana Eunjung Cha is here
The Washington Post, on Christmas Day, described the work of a Howard University student working for DC Health Link,  trolling restaurants in NE Washington at night, not a really safe idea.  I wouldn’t want to do this. 
It reminds me of the way insurance companies approached retirees to sell Medicare Advantage and even long term care insurance.

The premiums being charged the young adults sound too high.  Hospitals just shouldn’t be charging $500 a stitch for emergency room injury patches.  But young adults do have accidents, do sometimes get testicular or breast cancer, or unusual sarcomas or lymphomas, or even HIV.  And they are exposed to meningitis (and I want to emphasize that the new “Type B” vaccine needs to get approved and get to campus health departments quickly.   

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