Monday, December 02, 2013

Latest studies: you really can't be "fat" and healthy at the same time (NBC)

Can one be overweight and healthy if one’s “numbers” are good?  Not according to the latest study, as reported tonight on NBC News.  Body Mass Index, or fat percentage, is itself a “linearly independent” risk factor for earlier death – cancer and heart disease.

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There was a standing joke in the early 1970’s when I started working, about the male form. “Wait until he gets married.”  When men got regular meals and didn’t have to compete anymore for a mate, they let go.  That was hardly always true.  In those days, “beauty” was much more the province of women only than it is today.
Anecdotally, when I was a substitute teacher, it really appeared that the leaner people did better in school.  And obesity was more common in low income populations than high income.  And in my observation it appeared more common in Latino teens than in African-American or White, as it is with Native Americans who suddenly eat a western diet of processed foods.
If you feed that wild red fox that comes into the yard, he’ll get diabetes.  As long as he lives on what he can kill (snakes, mice, birds and eggs), he says healthy.  Isn’t that the Zuckerberg Diet?  

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