Sunday, December 01, 2013

Obamacare presents a "solidarity" paradox

This Sunday morning (World AIDS Day) at Sunday School, there was a bit of a paradox expressed in the way societies approach the problem of “the common good”.
The early Christians, the teacher said, lived a communal life and shared things with little concern about money.  Yet, they did not survive very well as a group. (That’s debatable.) 
With health care, we have a lot of ideas about what is going wrong.  We resent paying higher premiums for services we individually won’t need.  But we resent paying for other people’s emergency room bills when they don’t have insurance.  We won’t get out of being our “brother’s keepers” if we are serious about valuing human life.
One person said that there could be free health care for everyone.  It comes from God. The problem is that we have a banking system and a Federal Reserve.

Another person said that without a profit motive and money, no one would have the incentive to develop medications like protease inhibitors.

Someone, we have to learn how to “pull together” the teacher said, and survive and prosper as a fellowship and group, more than a collection of individuals.  

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