Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Security threat causes delay on Amtrak train with me on it last weekend; cold doesn't stop Roe v Wade demonstrations

I try to cover the news that I personally actually see or experience with highest priority for blog content.  Sometimes, prudence and security means to take some time in reporting it.
On Saturday, I took the Northeast Regional to New York from Washington.  The train was very crowded, as it already had people from the south. 

Shortly after leaving the BWI station, the train came to a “safe stop”.  The PA mentioned “Dispatch” and said that there was police activity ahead on the tracks.  That would have placed the police near the entrance to one of the two major tunnels, the second being the Baltimore Harbor tunnel which CSX says it wants to replace (for billions, and who would pay for it). 

By pure chance, I was seated next to a woman, herself a senior, who said that when she got on, a female FBI agent, showing her badge, was allowed to butt in line and board right in front of her.  It sounds like the “fibbies” had a tip and knew something was going to happen, because of some threat. 

The PA kept saying that the train was being re-inspected.  What could have happened to require Amtrak to inspect the train and tracks in connection with police activity?   Finally, after about thirty minutes, the train resumed and made the rest of the trip without incident.

I didn’t see people in handcuffs, but the scuttlebutt was that someone was arrested, removed from the train and put into a police car near the tunnel., to be taken and jailed probably in downtown Baltimore.  Connecting the dots, it would sound as though the security of the tunnels, which have seen accidents with freight trains before, was questioned. 

Given the cold and wind, I’ll skip the Roe v. Wade demonstrations on the Mall today, but a WJLA reporter interviewed a man who simply said that more people needed to get interested in adopting children.  Follow WJLA coverage here

Every time I travel, some interesting things happen. 

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