Thursday, January 02, 2014

So, US says it will keep hands off on Colorado pot, for now at least

I’m rather underwhelmed by the stories of long lines for the first recreational pot shops in Colorado, described in the CNN storyhere.

The US Justice Department says it will keep hands off if organized crime stays out and the pot doesn’t leave Colorado (or show up at airports).

Police are talking about the two hours of blood testing for drivers caught being tipsy with any pot at all.  Despite the fact that marijuana is stored in fat cells for about a month, making it detectable to drug tests, it leaves the blood fairly quickly, about at the same rate as alcohol.

I’ve hardly used it.  Oh, I tried it once in New Mexico in 1980 at Lama I think.  It didn’t do anything.  
People say it makes you more aware of sensory input, especially sight, like you had Xray vision. 

Legal pot is said to be creating hundreds of "retail" (and security) jobs in Colorado. 

But Alexandra Petri, in the Washington Post (Jan. 4, p. A15) wants Prohibition again -- the 18th Amendment -- and does she mean alcohol or pot? The article is "Colorado, won't you think of the kids?", link here.  (Online, it's "Colorado's shame and sorrow: bring back the old law".) True, pot is bad for the developing brain?  But should that fact restrict the freedom of childless adults? 

It strikes me, as I wrote yesterday, that dreaming is essentially getting high.  And it doesn’t require substances.

Bring Morgan Spurlock (and Rado Suhl) to Colorado.

Wikipedia attribution link for Front Range picture. I first saw it in December 1966. 

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