Friday, January 31, 2014

Solar energy and fuel cell concept cars shine at Washington DC auto show

Ford and Toyota appeared to be the most innovative companies at the Washington DC auto show this year.  I visited it Thursday.

Ford displayed a new electric power concept which it calls “C-Max Solar Energi Concert”, all the way in the back of the upstairs showroom.

Toyota displayed an auto powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which it calls FCV.

The display included an open cut of the engine, with dyed fluids showing how it works.

If this is just a "concept car", how long will it take to get to market?  Ask Elon Musk. 

Toyota also displayed a US map showing its manufacturing plants in the United States (largely in the South), and Toyata was displayed as a “domestic car” this year.

Chrysler bragged that its autos are “imported from Detroit”.

The downstairs showroom, even more cavernous, contained the foreign cars, including a motorcycle with a body, and an open jeep test driving sawdust tract. 

By the way, it seems a little dangerous to me to be able to open and start a car without a key.  I wouldn't want that. 

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