Monday, January 06, 2014

Teachers tend to favor "attractive" students (including males) : "A+K" says, smart can be really sexy

You expect lookism on the floor of a gay disco, but you don’t like to see it in public schools.
Yet, CNN’s Pepper Schwartz has an op-ed, dated Jan. 2, 2014, “When teachers favor attractive kids,” link here. This story popped up on my droid cell phone last night and then disappeared and I couldn’t find it. 

Lookism can become as problematical as racism or sexism.
I can recall that when I was a substitute teacher.  There were students, especially males, whose personal appearance created a better impression.  Height did help, and not being overweight helped. 
But the model of what is appealing is certainly changing. Today, the “nerd” can be viewed as attractive, and a particular football player might not be.   Some sports (track, swimming, basketball, perhaps baseball) comport with today’s ideas for looks better than football, perhaps.
Perhaps Ashton Kutcher ("AplusK" on Twitter) summed up today’s views in a speech at Fox’s teen choice awards, when he said “The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart” at the Fox Teen Choice Awards in August 2013, story here. He adds being kind and generous.  
The opening sequence of the film “The Social Network” (Movies, Oct. 3, 2010) has a young Mark Zuckerberg designing on online contest allowing Harvard students to vote among which of two co-eds presented on any instance of the application, is the “hottest”.  That says something about our personal values. 

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