Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Very tip of Manhattan looks recovered from Sandy, to me at least

As usual, I report “what I encounter”.  Monday morning, before returning home on the train, I rode down to South Ferry to see how complete things are from the Hurricane Sandy cleanup.

South Ferry station on the IRT is open for the infamous Np. 1 train, but people can depart only from the first five cars.  The station looks sharp, with nice art work on the walls simulating a forest.  There is another series of murals showing the area in time lapses back to before colonization; I couldn’t get my camera out to snap it.

I rode the Staten Island Ferry a few times in the 1970’s when I lived in NYC.  The terminal is in good shape, except for the escalators are boarded up. 

The surrounding park is still being cleaned up and rehabbed.  Off in the distance, the new World Trade Center One looks done.
I traveled up on the D Train to 125th Street.  In the four years I lived there in the 1970’s, I never visited the area.

I must say I felt like a stranger – an alien visitor – there, decades after the battles over segregation.  The body language, the street talk, the values are all different. A few white young adults seemed to be frequenting the stores from nearby Columbia University, a half mile away but culturally another planet.  The elevated MTA station that appears in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (Movies, Jan. 1) is nearby. 

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