Friday, March 21, 2014

Maps publishing "social undesirables" go both ways: story about "anti-abortion bullies"

Wednesday, as I drove south on Lee Highway (US 29) south of downtown Falls Church, VA I passed by some pro-life anti-abortion pickets.  I couldn’t snap a picture because I was driving solo. 
Friday, Petula Dvorak has a column in the Metro section of the Washington Post, “It’s personal: Dueling maps of abortion protesters, providers”, link here

The counterattack by publishing maps is supposedly only taken against “anti-abortion bullies”.
Somehow, this reminds me of the publication of addresses on a map of gun owners in some areas in New York State a few months ago.

We’re no longer a nation of laws.  We really have to worry about enemies, and maybe making blood relatives in collateral, as happens in third world countries.  

Perhaps that’s the price of insularity.  It’s like the line in “Captain Phillips”:  “Look at me.  I am the Captain now.”

Another observation strikes me.  I haven’t marched in any kind of demonstration with a picket in decades.  That should not be beneath anyone, perhaps.  Oh, how I remember the indignation of the 1960’s and early 1970’s.  


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Done. (check your own email.) There is a link on the review of the book on the Book Review blog March 19. 2014.