Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Supreme Court invalidates limit on total campaign contributions by rich donors

The Supreme Court has struck down as unconstitutional, by a 5-4 vote, a limit ($123000) on total campaign contributions by any person in one election cycle, although it left intact a limit ($5200) on any one candidate.  The rationale was centered on the First Amendment.
CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin has a commentary on the decision here

The Supreme Court website has its own link,  The case is McCutcheon v. FEC.
The decision would also have softened concerns in the past that bloggers are making de facto campaign contributions (detailed discussion here

Wealthy donors could circumvent the law by giving to PACS and other organizations.
I’ve always felt rather repelled by the idea that if I was a candidate, I would have to get people to give me money, so I would take care of them if elected.  I just don’t do things like that.  But it cuts both ways.


At a QA following a film “Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek” in Washington this past weekend, there as a comment that the Supreme Court’s recent ruling allowing states more leeway in keeping restrictions on voting rights can indeed hurt African American communities in some communities, as long the Mississippi Gulf Coast, subject to pressure from bigtime corporate developers.  

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