Saturday, May 03, 2014

An accidental Metro detour and attendance at a demonstration; more on inequality

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the “Opera in the Outfield” event at Nationals Park in Washington tonight.  At L’Enfant Plaza, I took the wrong train, wound up crossing the Potomac and winding up at the Pentagon.

While at the Pentagon, I met a couple carrying signs from a demonstration about animal and pet abuse, at least about dogs.  The sings read “END BAD OWNERS”. 

So that’s a good topic for today.  When I got pack to L’Enfant, I made a mad dash downstairs and upstairs to the other side, and got the right Green Line train to Nats Park. As I got out at Navy Yard, I saw a homeless man sleeping halfway up a stopped elevator.  I took a distant photo, so the person isn’t identifiable. But it shows how bad the problem of homelessness has gotten.  And there was “legal panhandling” in the line to go through security to get into the Park.  I gave someone $1, but I was surprised it was allowed. Ten years ago, when the Velvet Nation operated in SE Washington near where Nats Park is now, and slums were still around, panhandlers would approach you and ask them for money to “protect” your car.  Police say that’s “aggressive panhandling” and is a misdemeanor.  Once I even saw a weapon pulled, got away quickly and called police when reaching the bar.   The neighborhood looks great now with glitzy offices and condos, but the poor people have no place to go (but PG county, probably).  
Note how construction goes on;

And here's the real Navy Yard (where I worked in the early 1970s). 

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