Saturday, May 17, 2014

Student loan debt is a big problem, but "the good kids are all right"

The New York Times offers a “beginners guide to repaying student loans” which may be numerous and on different schedules, link here.   You’d think banks would go into the business of consolidating them and making payment simpler.
Then Alexandra Petri talks about whether today’s kids are, well, kind of spoiled (I’m thinking of “Shane” from the hit gay film “Judas Kiss”). It's on p A17 of this morning's pirnt, but not on Post online yet. 
Let me put this all together.  This may be a great time to be a “kid”, or a young adult just out of college, if you’re good at things, and get along with people, particularly in a diverse society where “times have changed”.   Hopefully, “you” have gotten some real skills, gotten very good at something, while a teenager.  That’s easier in some fields – ranging from technology and computer programming, to music and film – today than it was when I was growing up – in fact, much easier.  The best time to get really good (at say programming) is when you’re young and your brain hasn’t done all its “pruning”.  That’s why we see prodigies in music, programming, chess, and sometimes even some performance arts, like theater.  Sports is a little different;  technology has certainly entered all of college and big league sports, but the opportunity level is more like it was when I was growing up.  (A few of the Nationals know me, I think, from social media;  I’ll think they’ll agree with this perspective.)
So if you were good at things – real activities, not just blogging and social media “likeonomics” – you’ll be wanted in the workplace.  You may have to share livings space, but you’ll get along. 
I seem to remember this lesson from the WB show “Everwood”.  The most important thing is to have been able to really get the maximum out of your childhood.   

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