Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Second Amendment, the connection between the militia and conscription, and "privileged white males"

There’s more material flowing in about the latest rampage that re-ignites the gun control debate.
On Saturday, Kimberly Kindy and Alice R. Crites report in the Washington Post that the California police or sheriff’s offices did not check the gun database after checking on Eliiot Rodger. Had they done so, they would have found he had been “stockpiling” ammo, a sign that he was planning an event, even premeditating it. The link for the story is here. Indeed, the tone of the video is shocking in its self-indulgence, and shows great pre-meditation, not simply an impulse control issue.
CNN is looking at the pattern of rampages by “privileged white males” (although this list doesn’t include Va. Tech).  James Garbarino has a book called “Lost Boys”, and argues that mental illness is mixed with an inflated ego (a “high opinion of himself” to quote a co-worker from the distant past).  They are supported longer, spoiled.  The pattern of crime varies from the ghetto, where it is aimed spontaneously at individuals on the street, not at abstractions (although there is definitely a class component and an “us v. them” component to street crime, as discussed in the previous posting).
Also, CNN featured an interview with Michael Walman, author of “The Second Amendment: A Biography”, who disagrees with conservatives on the Supreme Court and who thinks thy have actually ignored original intent.  In many of the colonies, men (often just white landowners) were required by the colonial governments to keep guns in their homes or estates to be ready for militia duty.  The concept was analogous to the military draft.

CNN also reported on a man (Iraq veteran) living in Georgia who says he now thinks twice before confronting anyone in public because of the “stand your ground” laws.    

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