Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anti-abortion pickets often appear along Lee Highway near Falls Church, VA

Yesterday, in the extreme humidity and sun, I got a photo of an older strip office building on US-29 (Lee Highway) in Falls Church, VA (probably in Fairfax County officially) where I often see anti-abortion pickets.   I didn’t see any picketers yesterday.  I usually and diving quickly (to the Angelika Mosaic Theaters in Merrifield ) when I pass the protestors and can’t get a picture.  Yesterday, I stopped at a 7-11 in the next block, bought some things so that I became a customer with a right to park there, and shot a picture.  No, I don’t take pictures of people using a clinic (or smoking outside for that matter).

My own belief has generally been to agree with Roe v. Wade, and believe that the right to “body control” should extend for at least the earliest weeks of pregnancy, and that the “morning after” pill should be legal.  I simply don’t become emotional about this. 
Earlier in my life, my “lack of children” was seen as a source of indifference to “life” by others, particularly when I was living in Dallas in the 1980s. 
There is also a group that protects homeless cats in the area. 

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