Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bill's rules for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians

Here goes the “law” for bicyclists, car drivers, and pedestrians, according to me at least. I think the site "Bicycle Safe" has some detailed tips (more detailed than I give here), and it bears careful study. 

Cyclists should always ride with traffic (unless in a bike lane where a local community ordinance directs otherwise).  A card turning right cannot see “you” in time if you’re coming from the wrong way, unless you stop. 
Cyclists should obey all the traffic signals and not go through red lights.  We don’t want to have to pass the same cyclist multiple times.

Cyclists (and motorcyclists) must never ride between lanes.

Drivers should always give cyclists at least three feet of clearance.  That means changing into a separate lane if there isn’t a bike lane. 

When in a bike lane, and coming up to a light, be way that a car turning right just after light turns green may have trouble seeing you, because you might be in his blind spot. 
Pedestrians should stay within crosswalks.  A driver turning right may not see a pedestrian in time if she angles toward the intersection from inside the block.  This almost happened to me once in Minneapolis in 2003.  

Update:  Friday, July 11, 2013

Sarah Kaplan has a story in the Style section on a rally by "bike ambassadors" by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, "In D.C.'s bike wars, here come the spokespeople; 'Bike ambassadors' are pedaling a motion of law-abiding civility", link here 

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