Monday, June 09, 2014

Local communities clamp down on carwashes as fundraisers, citing environmental concerns

Arlington County, VA is cracking down on carwashes as fundraisers, according to a Washington Post Metro Section story by Michael Allison Chandler, link here.  One major reason is rules to prevent pollutant runoff into the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  Other communities, like in the West and especially in California, have done the same because of drought. 
Boy Scout troops often use carwashes, as do many mainstream churches, to provide youth with the experience of doing hard work in volunteering for very specific causes, sometimes summer mission trips. The idea of these sorts of community activities could be weakened.  It's a little hard for me at my age to put so much physical energy into something of  limited scope. 
I get approached on the street for all kinds of causes.  It’s usually hard to stop and talk to people about it, because I feel that I have everything all set.  Yet, in earlier days, standing in the streets and approaching people was the hallmark of activism.   The Libertarian Party of Minnesota would practice a form of this with ballot access petitioning in the late 90s.  

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