Saturday, June 21, 2014

Women's magazines still present "cookie cutter" traditional marriage -- maybe TWT would still approve

A rogue “Ladies Home Journal” came in the mail today, left over from my late mother, but I was bemused by the manipulative cover headline “Simple ways to keep your marriage strong”.  And it seems that the magazine has kept its column “Can this marriage be saved” all the way back from the 1950s.  I would look a women’s magazines then – a promising sign. 

What’s striking is how the magazine assumes the whole world consists of families and married couples, and that everyone is socialized by the nuclear family, topic of the previous post.  And the columns, sampling them, talk about the little indulgences that people in marriage expect from one another.  It’s a whole alien world to me, a kind of automatic psychological fix I live without.   I don’t miss having a partner know all my bodily functions.

For decades, I lived in parity, somewhat in urban exile, separated somewhat from those who lead “real lives” so I couldn’t easily distract them and dissuade them, while I competed with them in the workplace.  I competed with disposable income and discretionary spending and avoiding big debt.  One the Internet was around, people could gradually find out where my “fantasy life” could lead, if too many people got into it.     

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