Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Colorado public school system offers up to two years of community college free, helping students get around the tuition problem; a great idea!

Today Fareed Zakaria presented an enterprising idea to help students with college expense and student loan debt, and to get a leg up on adulthood:
Besides offering AP or Honors courses in high school, offer free community college courses for college credit.  The news story for Zakaria’s report is here.  The idea is being tried in Aurora, CO, a large suburb of Denver (unfortunately on the map for a horrible incident in 2012).   Courses have been offered since 2006.  High school teachers become certified to teach junior college, especially in courses like calculus and college chemistry and physics, as well as information technology. 
The idea could help with the idea of “career switch” (to teaching) for retirees, especially those with more degrees who would find teaching college courses appealing, This is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a while.  I wish this had been going on ten years ago. 
Picture: Coors Field in Denver, Wikipedia link a bitters park despite distant fences because of high altitude.  That’s a good physics lesson.  

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